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Club "VIOLA" found in the 1991 and it is one of biger clubs of dating in Latvia. Club is in silent place of Riga in the Bruninieku street, 50.

While it is exist club merited acknowledgement in Latvia and also abroad. One of chief index effective working is that many clients apply to us who went with recommendations from them friends and who were acquaint in our club.

The secret of our successful activity will be, that each client receives qualitative service which is impossible without personal acquaintance to the client at our office. The basic contingent of our club is made by the serious, financially secure men, wishing to find half, and the women, ready to present the love to the worthy elect.

To all our clients the individual approach, full confidentiality and an opportunity of a choice is guaranteed, taking into account all their wishes.

In club are 300 men and 300 women. All information about our clients is in a databank at our office. Databank constantly replenishes. On our site the information only about a small part of the women registered in our club is placed.

On a site we do not place the information about men of our club. This information we give only at office of the club, registered at us in club.

To begin members of our club familiarize with condition of registration on our site.

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